Meet The Team

Team Navarro

Navarro Orthodontix takes a comprehensive approach to patient care. This begins with a complete diagnosis of every patient and continues throughout treatment to ensure the patient and his or her family members understand the purpose and results of every treatment stage. This could only be possible with the trained and dedicated staff of Team Navarro. From our task oriented scheduling coordinators to our skilled orthodontists, Navarro Orthodontix strives to provide the best in orthodontic care.

The Navarro Orthodontix "team" approach is a distinct method of sharing responsibility to create an atmosphere of harmony, fun, teamwork and warmth towards one another.

Navarro Office Team

The Navarro Office team works together to ensure the patient and the patient’s family has the best possible office experience. This includes a wide array of responsibilities that allows our patients to enjoy our hassle-free appointment setup, payment arrangements and insurance negotiation. Our goal is to ease your mind by doing all the work so you do not have to!

Navarro Treatment Team

Each patient treatment visit is different just as each patient is different. Our Treatment teams are trained to handle each patient's needs individually just as our Sterlization Technicians are trained to keep each chair, counter and utensil beyond OSHA standards. Navarro Orthodontics endeavors to provide only the best treatments and service for our patients.

Navarro Diagnostics Team

Our Orthodontists use advanced digital imaging technology to provide the best treatment plan for the patient. After the diagnosis is made by the Orthodontist, our Treatment Coordinator sits down with each and every patient to explain the treatment and make the best financial arrangements for the patient and the patient’s family.

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